Ogre Magi from Dota 2

We built this two-person Dota 2 Ogre Magi costume to participate in The International Cosplay Competition in Vancouver, August 2018.
So excited we made it into the top 15 and won Biggest Transformation award! 
The challenge of doing an oversize two-headed, paunchy, blue behemoth is appealing, but the main motivation is that ogres are awesome.

Work in progress photos

Most of our materials are pretty low tech: cardboard, floor mats, cushion foam, paper mache, aluminum foil, styrofoam, clays, spackling, felt, silicone, epoxy, resin, fun fur, duct tape, lots of glue, lots of acrylic paint.

For the character himself, with the exception of metal earrings and squash balls for eyes, everything was handcrafted. For the rotating Whyrlegyge weapon on his back, we created the structure but we had a friend help us with the rotating lights and movement.