Polar Bear Swims

Godzie 2013

We had to step it up for 2013, so of course we went full-on Atomic Japanese Monster.  Some people recognized us from 2012, so that was cool! Almost everyone knew we were Godzilla, but the few who yelled "Hey, T-Rex!" had their heads melted off in a cloud of atomic breath justice!

Not quite so waterproof

This costume was a little worse for wear when we got out. Our legs were a lovely magenta hue as well. A good look, I tell you.


This chick was so cute. I think we had to ask her to be scared. She happily obliged.

Photo bomb!!

Photo by Heinz Ruckemann

My favourite photo. We ran (water waddled) up to this girl getting her photo taken with Santa and left before they saw us. I happened to see it online later. heh

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