Polar Bear Swims

Pengy 2014

Giant Penguin Spotted in English Bay.
After featuring SUPER SCARY monsters the past three years, we decided to try "lovable" with a doe-eyed, slightly dopey, giant penguin! Everybody kept saying "NO, NO! Penguins live in the South Pole" Hey, we're paper maché-ists, not zoologists! Sheesh.

Penguin march down Davie

Frollicking in English Bay

Love this shot. Despite men in pink tutus, Pengy must keep moving. #wanderingpenguin.

Photo by ddbg.photo

Happy New Year

Everyone is so happy, you forget it's freezing water.

Photo by GoToVan

Awesome lifeguards of the PBS

We always figure the lifeguards see us and think "I better not have to jump in the water and save those fools."

Photo by Sherwood411

Penguin Whisperer

This shot made the Georgia Straight Photo of the Day..."Penguin Whisperer". Noice Noice.

Photo thanks to BLINKD.ca

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Happy dude - Beach cam

We found this pic on flickr, and we have the Pengy point of view...

Photo thanks to Mark Klotz

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