Polar Bear Swims

Toothless 2024 - It's a dragon who thinks he's a cat

We got a little ambitious with this guy. Tarrin was so excited about texturing the eyes that I wanted to make sure the face was extra cute. I completely ignored the fact that dragons need facial structural integrity as well. Half his face caved in and we had to do a major glue gun reno... in the end we decided it was just easier to choose pics that showed his "good side"


Fixing up his body. Just kidding we left it wonky.

This build sat super high so we looked a little funny walking around bare legged downtown... until we reach the beach of course. Then we were overdressed among the bathing suit cladden.


Wading oh so delicately through the crowds

Have to get at least one photobomb in. We were extra creepers in this one.