West Coast Golf Course

When we see a huge pixelated orca sculpture, it makes us want to play mini golf with it.
For our homemade Vancouver themed mini golf course, we created a tiny replica of the stunning 'Digital Orca' at Jack Poole Plaza by the awesome Douglas Coupland
Made from styrofoam instead of metal, it was still quite challenging to faithfully miniaturize his artwork. The Orca sculpture is actually twisting in the air, giving it a more organic and alive spirit. 


We love the gorgeous gigantic silo murals, OSGEMEOS "Giants" at Granville Island exhibited by Vancouver Biennale Their silo purpose might be for storing concrete, but we feel like the artists' intent was actually a Goliath sized golf putting course. We put their vision into reality by creating a homemade Vancouver themed mini-golf green for normal sized people. And of course we had to create a Science World to finish it off.